Talk to your healthcare practitioner

How to talk with your doctor about the BloodAge Analysis

  1. Book in an appointment with your GP (and mention the intent is to get a referral for blood tests)
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  3. At the consultation
    • At your GP appointment make clear the need to obtain as many of the blood biomarkers as possible.
    • Make sure before you leave you confirm at reception your blood results will be uploaded to your MyHealth Record.
    • Make the appointment at your nearest pathology lab to have the blood tests (also ensure you confirm these results will be uploaded to your MyHealth Record).
  4. While you await your results to be available (and if you have not already), make sure you set up your MyHealth Record and opt-in to have your pathology reports uploaded to your My Health Record.

Get your blood tests directly

You also have the option of ordering the required blood test from i-screen. This is a link to the test:

Get the BloodAge Analysis

  1. If you got your blood tests via your GP, your results will take around 7 days to be available on MyHealth for you to download. Your doctor may call you to discuss the results if they see any biomarkers outside the normal range.
  2. Download your blood test results (PDF) from MyHealth Record to your computer.
  3. Log into the BloodAge Portal and upload your blood test results for the BloodAge Analysis or share them with your healthcare practitioner.


Schedule a consultation with your preferred healthcare practitioner to review the results of the BloodAge Analysis.

Not in Australia?

You need to organise the blood tests in your own country before you can upload the blood test results on the BloodAge portal.

Please ask your healthcare practitioner to contact us for further information.